Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB)

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) do a range of stretchy carriers, currently two stretchy wraps, the Original and the Basic, and a ring sling; The Little Wrap Without a Knot. They also have a structured carrier coming soon, it’s available for preorder at the moment. They are a great family run company based in Paris and are very supportive and encouraging to dads who want to babywear. They are really nice genuine people who really care about babywearers. I will talk about the two stretchy wraps now and leave The Little Wrap Without a Knot for later as it is very different to the other two.

JPMBB Original Wrap

Front panel can cover legs and feet
Legs uncoverd!

The first thing I noticed about the Original wrap is the texture. It is amazingly soft, very like a t-shirt. It is unlike any other stretchy wrap I have tried before. What separates the JPMBB’s from the others is their special knit which gives an extremely supportive two way stretch. When I took it out of the packet it looked like a beast of a wrap, heavy and quite long, a little intimidating!  But I cracked on and gave it a go, I must admit the first time I tried it (in true man form) I did not read any instructions or watch a tutorial and it didn’t go too well… Once I watched one of the JPMBB tutorial videos though it was very easy to wrap with, and my little man was snuggled up very tightly and securely. He is 9kg now and the wrap was very supportive, it had no problem keeping him up and tight against me. As it is so stretchy it was like the wrap had shocks, there was a nice bounce to it that didn’t take from the support or loosen the wrap.

Sleepy cuddles

The great thing about these wraps is that you pre-tie them before you put your baby into them. This means you can leave it on for hours and pop the baby in and out of it. I even drove to the shops wearing it and quickly popped the little man into it in seconds when I got there. It was very comfortable (even when unoccupied) and didn’t loosen no matter how many times I popped him in and out or even while driving with it on. Its a lovely wide wrap so the front panel is quite long, and I could pull it down over his little legs and feet if we were going outside or it was a little cold.

Skin to skin
Skin to skin

The material is lovely and heavy, so it was great for skin to skin wrapping, and so long that it completely covered the two of us, keeping us nice and warm. It was like I was wearing a t-shirt and he was covered from neck to toes. There is also a large pocket on the front panel. I honestly haven’t use it for much, but it is a handy place to quickly put your phone when you are out and about or busy doing jobs.

These wraps come in a variety of colours to suit all tastes, and there are plenty of manly ones to choose from! You can find them all at;


Pre-tied for going shopping

The Basic that I have is the “Tattoo (English)”. The front panel is covered in traditional style flash tattoos, and the writing is in English. You can also get a French version, or just plain colours if you prefer. This is made out of the same material as the Original wrap, but it is much lighter and not nearly as intimidating! Just like the original it wraps great, again you pre-tie it on to you so you can pop your baby in and out of it all day.

In and out twice, no need to adjust it

I did notice that when you first tie it on it needs to be almost too tight. There is so much stretch in it that it needs to be tighter than other stretchy wraps when it goes on first.

It’s amazingly comfortable and soft, similar feel to a t-shirt, great for skin to skin, or on warm days when the original might be a bit too heavy.

You can check out the various styles and colours at;

Comes with sleepy dust

I really enjoy using these wraps and regularly reach for them when going shopping or for skin to skin with my little boy. They are so easy to use and very comfortable, I can’t recommend them enough! If you have a JPMBB or get one after this, feel free to share your photos/experiences with me here or on Facebook.


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