Bunny Baby

Bunny baby 7
Folds up very small – handy for the car
bunny baby8
Ring sling after conversion
Passed the Z test!
Passed the Z test!

Bunny Baby are an Irish company based in Donegal. They handmake custom ergonomic baby carriers, babywearing bags, baby dresses and bonnets, do wrap conversions and make doll SSC’s so your little ones can carry their dolls around and be just like you! They also do alterations, we had a pleated ring sling converted to a gathered shoulder by them. The service was very fast, and the quality was excellent, you would never know it had been converted.

I have a custom SSC (soft structured carrier) from Bunny Baby. It’s a very “manly” carrier, mainly black with full buckles so if you are a bit nervous of

Great for shopping
Great for shopping

wrapping this is perfect. She does a full custom job, and there are a wide range of fabrics to choose from, mine has Batman on it! It folds up nice and small so you can keep it in the car and always have it ready to go. Depending on the size of your changing bag you could probably get it in there too, very handy for toddlers who want to walk, but get tired quickly, rather than pushing an empty buggy around the place.

Out for a walk!
Out for a walk!

I’ve been using it for a while now, and I have found that for me crossing the straps at the back is the most comfortable way to wear it. I’ve gone on a couple of relatively long walks with it, my little fella is about 9kg and the weight was distributed nicely. I could wear him in it all day and hardly notice. It’s very easy to adjust all the straps and get on and off by myself, everything is within reach. It comes with a little hood too which comes in very handy for extra head support for sleeping babies, or to keep the sun/wind off their little heads!

The quality of these carriers is excellent, there are no skipped threads or anything, everything feels very secure. There are little rings on the straps that you can hang teethers/ toys etc. from.

No skipped threads
No skipped threads
Excellent quality
Excellent quality

If you’d like to see more of what she has to offer go to;


She’s great to talk to as well if you have an idea for a carrier or a particular theme or fabric in mind, you can contact her by email at bunnybabycarriers@gmail.com or on her Facebook page;



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