Firespiral Ternion Obsidian Seafoam

Fispi 3

Both sides
Both sides

Ternion Obsidian Seafoam was a tester wrap I was lucky enough to get to play with. Ternion is the name of the weft and it is a combination of 3 different alternating threads; a pale turquoise cotton thread, a similar thickness hemp, and a really thick linen. This makes it a triblend, which is approximately 50% cotton, 30% linen, and 20% hemp. Obsidian refers to the colour, and seafoam is the pattern on the wrap.

Fispi 1
Just out for a coffee!

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way I must say I absolutely loved this wrap. The main colour is a lovely charcoal grey, and that thread is unbelievably soft, it feels like suede! The pale threads then were really grippy and gave the wrap great hold when wrapping and tying knots. It is very supportive and spread nicely across my shoulders. It was also the first wrap that I was able with a FWCC to spread the front passes across my little mans back for extra snuggles and support.

Comes with plenty of sleepy dust!
Comes with plenty of sleepy dust!

I also used it for back carries, but the little man was grumpy so I was unable to get pictures! It needs a bit of breaking in I think, it was tough to get a tight top rail (but I’m a bit inexperienced with back carries too). Once he was in though it was great, very comfortable, didn’t slip down or anything. It also held knotless finishes perfectly.

The only downside for me was the weight of the wrap. It was about 1.2kg, and the first time I wrapped with it I did sweat getting it on! The weather wasn’t overly warm when I had it so it was perfect out and about, but on a hot day I wouldn’t reach for it. The knots were surprisingly comfy for such a heavy wrap too.

Bits of seaweed maybe?! Whatever they are, I love them!
Bits of seaweed maybe?! Whatever they are, I love them!

I love the design on this wrap (but I love seafoam anyway!) and the colour is very manly. The ‘wrong’ side of the wrap is gorgeous too, my girlfriend actually preferred it and wrapped with the wrong side showing! I think pictures never do the colours of wraps justice, the ‘black’ part in reality is a charcoal and the ‘white’ part is like a chalky white-blue. There is absolutely nothing girly about this wrap, it’s a great one for dads!

– Ciarán

Keep Spreading

This wrap isn’t for sale yet, but you can find other Firespiral wrapsand products for sale here;

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Looks great as a blanket too!
Looks great as a blanket too!
Close up threads
Close up threads
The 'wrong' side
The ‘wrong’ side

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