Fidella – Rock n Rolla

Both sides of the Rock n Rolla
Both sides of the Rock n Rolla
Doing 'man stuff'!
Doing ‘man stuff’!
With the shoulder pass flipped
With the shoulder pass flipped

The Fidella Rock n Rolla I have is the blue version, it also comes in green, scarlet and silver. The blue on the right side is like a denim colour, and the wrong side is a kind of slate blue. Both sides look great, the only downside to wearing the wrong side out is that ‘rock’ is then written backwards on it. The wrap is a jacquard-weave and 100% organic cotton.

The design on this wrap is quintessentially ‘manly’! It’s covered in electric guitars, plectrums, headphones, metal fingers, and has rock written all over it, literally and figuratively. The edges are sewn different colours so it is very easy to tell which side is which when wrapping. I have a size 6 (4.2 m long), and it is a very wide wrap (80 cm), the widest I have used so far. The extra width would be great for toddler wearing or tandem wearing too. The wrap also comes in a nice little bag made from the wrap material. Very handy for bringing it in the car or for folding up neatly to put in a changing bag.

Pulled up over his head for support
Couldn’t resist it anymore!
Almost asleep!
Almost asleep!

When I received it I did my usual rip it open and try a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with it, and to be honest… I hated it. It was uncomfortable, it dug and cut into me at the shoulders. There was so much material in the width of it that I didn’t know what to do with it! I thought maybe I just wrapped badly and tried again later, same problem, and still hated it! Then my other half had a go with it, she tried a Front Cross Carry (FCC) and loved it, so I gave it try, and she was right (like always!). It was brilliant, very comfortable, and really supportive. The extra width came in very useful too, the shoulders could be flipped over giving better support, making him almost weightless, and there was enough material to cover my little mans head when he got sleepy. This snuggles him in close and he falls asleep every time!

– Ciarán

Keep Spreading

Enjoying a wrap cuddle
Enjoying a wrap cuddle
Lovely and light for sunny weather
Lovely and light for sunny weather

The Rock n Rolla (blue) is available here;

The main Fidella website with all their products is here;


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