Hoppediz Bondolino

Folds up small for traveling
Drool pad and doody clip from MamiMakes
Drool pad and dummy clip from MamiMakes
Great for sleepy cuddles!
Great for sleepy cuddles!

The Bondolino is the structured carrier from Hoppediz. The one I have is the classic in olive-grey, it’s a very manly army green. There are no buckles at all on it, the waistband closes with velcro and the the straps are tied in a knot. It is very similar to a half buckle Mei Tai, there is just velcro instead of buckles at the waist.

This is my favourite structured carrier, the shoulder straps are nice and wide so it spreads the weight nicely and never digs in to you. It can be worn on the front or the back and swapping it between people is no hassle at all because there are no strap adjustments to be made. It folds up nice and small too so it basically lives in the car now, we use it practically every day. Great for quick trips to the shops, or if somebody else wants to wear the baby. Everybody in our family has used the Bondolino at this stage, grannies, granddads, uncles and aunts!

Uncle babywearing!
Uncle babywearing!
Aunty babywearing!
Aunty babywearing!

There’s a handy little pocket on the front of it, we generally just use it for his dummy, but I have kept my phone in it a few times. It has a hood as well I use for extra head support when he falls asleep (it never fails at putting our fella to sleep!). The hood is also great for running to the car through unexpected drizzle, or for covering him up in the rare bit of sunshine we might get! There are extenders in it too to keep the baby knee to knee for longer as they get older.

I found it great in warm weather as well, light and airy, neither of us have gotten too hot wearing it. I absolutely love this carrier, cannot recommend it enough!

– Ciarán

Keep Spreading

The Bondolino is available here in lots of colours and options;


The drool pads and dummy clip are available here;



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