Oscha – Starry Night Midnight

Both sides of the wrap
Both sides of the wrap
All bundled up!
All bundled up!
Tote bag the wrap comes in
Tote bag the wrap comes in

I have wanted an Oscha wrap since I started babywearing so getting one is almost like meeting a hero! I will be unbiased in my review, or at least try! The wrap is called Starry Night and the colour varient is Midnight. The ‘right’ side is mainly dark, almost a chocolate brown and the ‘wrong’ side is bright, like a stone white. The pattern is a combination of dots in circles, and both sides look amazing! I have a size 5, that’s 4.2m long. It is 100% organic combed cotton.

Very fist impression was made as soon as I opened the package. The way Oscha present their wraps is amazing, lovingly folded, in an Oscha tote bag tied up with string. A hand written card is attached with the name and size of the wrap within.

Ring finish
Ring finish

This wrap is a little shorter than I am used to. Usually I wrap with a size 6 and just do front wrap cross carry (FWCC) or front cross carry (FCC). I got a 5 this time to force myself to try different carries! I found that I could just about do a FWCC, but I was too big to get a FCC comfotable on me. I tried a ring finish FCC and it was perfect, so comfortable and supportive.

The wrap feels very soft to the touch right out of the box, but it is also very grippy. I found at the start it was so grippy that it was a bit tough to pull the passes tight, but it is softening up very nicely and faster than I expected. The more I used a ring finish, the softer the wrap became and I noticed it would slip a bit through the ring, so I just wrapped the tails around themselves again and no more slipping! This wrap spreads weight incredibly well, my little fella is 10kg now and he was almost weightless in this wrap. It actually felt a bit weird at times, like he wasn’t in it at all!

I haven’t had the chance to try out back carries with this yet, little man has been sick and life has been getting in the way. I will get to it though and I will update this as soon as I do. I absolutely love this wrap, and the good news is Oscha intend on always stocking this one so it should be easy enough to get your hands on.

– Ciarán

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The main Oscha website is here; http://www.oschaslings.com

This wrap is available here; http://www.oschaslings.com/shop/type/baby-wraps


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