Manduca Sling

Inside pouch
Inside pouch
Inside pouch from the side
Inside pouch from the side

The Manduca sling is made of 100% organic cotton, it’s a bi-elastic jersey sling.  It’s available in eight colours, I have the slate one. According to Manduca the sling has an optimum comfort for babies and newborns up to 9kg but is tested and approved for babies up to 15kg. It’s also very affordable with a RRP of just €59.90

Right away this wrap is very soft and feels silky, my little man is 10kg so he’s pushing the wrap to the limit! It comes with an instruction book with two carries inside. A pre-tie front wrap cross carry with pouch on the outside, and a hip carry. You can also do a front wrap cross carry which puts the pouch on the inside. The material is very light and breathable, it’s great in the summer here and would be great in warmer climates too. On the wrap the top seam is done in yellow thread and the bottom is the same colour as the wrap, to help discern them while wrapping.

Comes with sleepy dust!
Comes with sleepy dust! (Outside pouch)
Pass can be pulled over the babies head
Pass can be pulled over the babies head (Outside pouch)

I immediately tried a front wrap cross carry with outside pouch as I can do that wrap in my sleep and it’s kind of my go to with stretchy wraps! We went for a little walk, about 1.5km, and it was surprisingly comfortable and supportive considering my little fellas weight. I must admit my first attempt was a bit dismal, I pre-tied it way too tight, I’m used to a two-way stretch and this is a one-way, so I couldn’t get him into it! Once I sorted that out though it was comfortable, spread his weight nicely across my shoulders.

The inside pouch was not as good as the outside for me. I think my baby is a bit big, as well as being 10kg he is in 9-12 month clothes. Every time he wriggled the two front passes would separate, and to get them fully over him they needed to be uncomfortably high on my neck. The Manduca specifies optimum carrying weight is 9kg, so I guess this would be expected! It still supported him well, he didn’t drop or loose stability, I think it would be perfect if he was smaller. In saying that it was very easy to get on in this way, worked first attempt.

Successful transfer
Successful transfer

Manduca recommend a three layer hip carry with this sling, and to be honest with you, I could not work it. In the instruction book there are 34 steps with three twists to this carry! My boy is a wriggler when being wrapped (which doesn’t help either), so I watched a video on YouTube to help me try and get it right, but it was just too complicated for me with a wriggler!

All in all I would recommend this wrap, it’s soft, light and airy, and very supportive. The two front carries are easy to get the hang off and are comfortable, I think it would be fantastic for small babies. Especially those born in the summer when some of the other stretchy wraps would be too warm. The wrap is also long enough to tie at the front with the inside pouch, which is a huge plus if you want to site down while wearing! I will definitely be using one with my next little monster from a very young age!

– Ciarán

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You can find your local stockist here;

More information and the different colours available can be found here;


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