5 Tips for Babywearing Dads

I have tried to keep this brief and to the point so if you have any questions or want to follow up on anything feel free to contact me through my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

1. Go to a Babywearing Consultant

This one is probably the most important of the five tips. A babywearing consultant will show you how to use wraps and carriers correctly so that both you and your baby are comfortable and safe. You will also be able to practice wrapping or using carriers with a weighted doll to give you confidence for when you use your own baby.

2. Attend Local Sling Meetings

This is a great place to meet like minded people. Unfortunately in Ireland, you might be one of only two dads there! Don’t let this put you off though, if more of us go there will be more Dads there. You will get to meet experienced babywearers, get to try new wraps and carriers, learn new ways of carrying, and it’s a great place for the kids to socialise.

3. Rent before you Buy

The amount of carriers/wraps etc. out there is mind boggling, and some of them can be quite expensive. You could end up spending a lot of money on a carrier or wrap that you hate or just can’t get on with. There are a lot of Sling Libraries around that will let you rent different carriers so you can try them out, find the ones that you like and then buy one! You can also get pre-loved wraps and carriers in various FSOT (for sale or trade) Facebook groups. This can actually be better at times as wraps get softer with use and get easier to wrap with.

4. Always Remember the T.I.C.K.S.

The T.I.C.K.S. are the rules for safe babywearing, it stands for Tight, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off the chest, Supported back. I have a full description of these at the end of this article that I got from Babywearing Ireland.

5. The Dad Bag!

This one might seem a little silly but it has saved me a lot of hassle! A lot of babywearing moms use babywearing bags, it’s essentially the same thing, but more manly! I use a satchel type bag that is just big enough for the essentials when we are out and about for a couple of hours. Two cloth nappies, a nappy bag, wipes, change of clothes, a bottle, a muslin, dribblers etc. I can wear it at the same time as I’m wearing my little boy, it doesn’t weigh me down and I have everything I need.

– Ciarán

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