Serena Slings – Fairytale

Both sides of the wrap

Serena Slings are a relatively new company from the Netherlands. They currently have three designs available; Fairytale, Florella, and Tyger. All three are 55% (Irish) Linen, 45% Cotton blend. I had the Fairytale wrap for review. The pattern shows nicely on both sides so it’s pretty much reversible. One side is purple and the other is a lilac but both sides have traces of blues pinks and purples in the threads giving depth to the colour. The pattern on the wrap is like Cinderella, a pumpkin carriage under a tree on its way to a fairytale castle. The top and bottom edges (rails) are hemmed differently so it’s easy to tell the top from the bottom while wrapping. I have a size 7 which is 70cm wide and 5.2m long.

A token Irish photo for the linen!

I had the privilege of being the first to receive this particular tester wrap, so it was brand new when I got it. Out of the box it was a typical linen blend, stiff and unforgiving. We washed and steam ironed it before use, which softened it up a bit, tried an FWCC with it. It was very grippy, maybe a little too grippy, as it was tough to get the top rail tight! It was worth it though, very supportive and comfortable once it was tightened up. To break it in a bit we spent a little while just knotting and plaiting it, running it through sling rings and it softened up considerably, and surprisingly quickly.

FWCC with the shoulders flipped
FWCC with the shoulders flipped

Once it had softened up a bit it was lovely to wrap with, the knot was still a bit large, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, and I’m sure this will come in time. The linen makes this wrap really sturdy and supportive. I’ve noticed with some 100% cotton wraps that after a while in them my 10kg baby starts to feel heavy, but this one is very supportive over long periods. I used it for about a 2 mile walk up and down steep hills and it was great, the little man couldn’t help but fall asleep in it. It’s also quite wide, and with the incredible support it offers would be great for toddlers too.

Breaking in the wrap!
Breaking in the wrap!

I think all the wraps I own and most of the wraps I get to try are 100% cotton, after trying this one and my baby only getting heavier I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a linen blend wrap! They may be a little tougher to break in than the cotton ones but this one softens up surprisingly quickly and feels great and super supportive when on.


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