MamiMakes – Fidella Babywearing Bag

Front of the bag
Front of the bag
Worn on the front
Worn on the front

Following on from my ‘5 Tips for Babywearing Dads‘ my Dad Bag got quite a bit of attention. Now MamiMakes have made the perfect babywearing bag for dads, and I got to try it out! It’s made from a Fidella Rock N Rolla wrap (click here for my review of the wrap), has a wide strap that is extremely comfortable, even when full it spread the weight nicely, and adjusted with sling rings. The quality is second to none, the bag is lined and quite robust, with plenty of pockets and two elasticated bottle compartments. It’s also fully reversible (but I didn’t get any pictures of that unfortunately!). One of the pockets is perfect for a smartphone, it fit my rather large 5″ screen perfectly and it’s so soft there’s no worry about it getting scratched. Of course I wore it while babywearing and it was very comfortable, easy to use while wearing and looked great, I was very sad to be giving it back!

As a backpack
As a backpack

It can also be worn on your back if you prefer, I like it to the side though for easy access to wipes/muslins etc. for puke emergencies!

Fits everything you need for a couple of hours out and about
Perfect pocket for your smartphone

These bags are available exclusively from Seahorse Slings, you can find their website here, and their Facebook here. These bags will be available in more colours in the future and they will also be for sale at the MamiMakes stand at the Wear a Hug Fair in the Glenroyal Hotel & Conference Centre, Maynooth, Kildare September 27th 2015.

Click here to find MamiMakes on Facebook.

– Ciarán

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