Soul Ring Slings – Double Layer Linen

Great for cuddles!

Soul is a family run business in Bangalore, India. They sell Ring Slings that are always in limited numbers. Once a colour is sold out it may never be repeated so the are collectable!

Anyone who knows me, knows I do not get on with ring slings. I’ve never been able to use them properly and generally refer to them as “stupid ring slings!” Soul has completely changed my mind. I love this ring sling. I’ve been using it every day and honestly it’s because I really want to use it!


I have the ‘Coal Chambray Double Layer Linen’ ring sling to review. First impressions, I love the double layer effect. It gives a really nice two tone colour, the front of the sling is a really nice granite and the back of it is a really clean black. They really complement each other, and it’s honestly the best looking ring sling I’ve ever seen. When I read that it was a double layered linen I thought “this thing is going to be a beast, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to pull it through the rings never mind get it on right!” Straight out of the box this was the softest linen I have ever felt, and after a wash and iron it softened up nicely, but was still a little tough to get the last bit of tightening done. So a little bit more breaking in, just running it through the rings and sitting on it a lot! (My brother also helped break it in, click here to watch!) After a week of use it’s lovely and soft but still has tonnes of grip in the rings.


This is the first ring sling I was able to use properly, and I actually looked forward to putting it on. It is really light despite being two layers, and also very supportive, as you would expect from linen. Which is great as my little fella seems to be getting bigger by the day! It’s really light and airy too, perfect for warm weather. Like all ring slings the weight is not distributed evenly, because it only goes over one shoulder. This one has a gathered shoulder, which fans nicely over my  shoulder and spreads the weight across it. However I would not use it for long periods as I find that gets uncomfortable after a while. It is great for quick ups and downs, those clingy days or trips in and out of the shops etc. It folds up really small too so handy to keep in changing bags or in the car.  The only downside I can find is the placement of the tags. I don’t know if it’s the same on the single layers, but on the double they are in between layers above the rings on the gathered shoulder. Being placed here they sometimes slip out and just don’t look the best. It’s only a small thing and they can be cut off!

I really can’t overstate how much I have enjoyed using this sling. It has changed my thoughts on ring slings completely, it’s just great! The colours are what drew me in, but the quality and how it feels when on (and off, now it’s so soft!) keeps me going back to it.

– Ciarán

Keep Spreading

You can find all the Soul Ring Slings for sale here.

Soul are on Facebook here and instagram here.


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