Sweet Pea Cloth Nappies from Nurture and Bliss

The two nappies and bamboo booster
The two nappies and bamboo booster

Sweet Pea Nappies are a Canadian based company and Nurture and Bliss in County Cork are the European distributor of these reusable cloth nappies. I have been using a Sweet Pea pocket nappy and an All in One (AIO) nappy for a couple of weeks now. They are both Birth to Potty (BtP) meaning that they are adjustable and grow as your baby grows, and both close using poppers (or snaps depending on where you are in the world!). I only washed the nappies and boosters once each before use and put them in normal rotation with my other nappies.

All in One (AIO)

The AIO I have is bamboo and has an amazing Raccoon pattern on it, it looks fantastic and feels great. You can tell straight away that this is a good quality nappy. The interior is bamboo fleece, there is a sewn in bamboo booster (soaker), a snap on booster that has two layers of bamboo with microfiber on the inside. There are double leg gussets to prevent leaks and it is waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) on the outside. It has three size settings via the poppers/snaps on the front, recommended for babies from 8 – 35 pounds (about 3.5 – 16kg).

Back of the AIO nappy on the bum
Back of the AIO nappy on the bum

I used the AIO with both the sewn in and snap on boosters together as he is a heavy wetter. I found that the nappy fits really well, didn’t leak at all the times I tried it and the little man pushed it to it’s limits! It at least doubled in weight with wee at one stage and he was tightly wrapped a few times, with no compression leaks. Sorry to be gross, but it is a nappy, he literally filled it with poo one day and none escaped. It takes slightly longer than the pocket nappy to dry, but if you have enough nappies in your rotation it doesn’t matter too much.

Front of the AIO nappy on the bum
Front of the AIO nappy on the bum
Pocket Nappy

The pocket nappy I have is a “Retro Pocket Nappy” it works a little differently to the AIO. The inside of the nappy is very soft, 100% polyester, micro fleece. There is a top and bottom opening pocket for the boosters. I have been stuffing it with two boosters; a Sweet Pea bamboo booster (3 layers of 70% bamboo 30% cotton), and a large adjustable microfiber booster. This is also a BtP nappy, again adjustable with poppers on the front. As the pocket is two-way vented, the boosters do not need to be removed for washing, but we did remove them for washing and drying. It too has an outer PUL covering.

Front of the pocket nappy on the bum
Front of the pocket nappy on the bum

This one was a little harder to get on than the AIO, the poppers had to be closed at an angle to fit around his chubby little legs. It did not leak though, and with the bamboo booster it held an impressive amount of wee! Again even with some tight wrapping there were no compression leaks. The pocket nappy with the boosters pulled out dries really quickly too. There is just a thin layer of micro fleece to dry.

Back of the nappy on the bum
Back of the nappy on the bum

These are both excellent nappies, really good quality and stood up to a lot of wee and poo! No leaks at all, even with tight wrapping. The only negative I could find with them was the size adjusting poppers. They tended to open quite easily while trying to get the nappy closed, this was happening with both the pocket and the AIO. After a few attempts though I figured out that if I pulled the nappy up above the poppers they opened straight away, but to the side of them it was not too bad. Still can’t give it a good pull up like I can with other nappies though, however this won’t stop me continuing to use them by any means. Once on I have had no issues at all with them.

The Sweet Pea bamboo booster is amazing! Really absorbent, and not bulky. The only thing is as it is so absorbent it takes a while to dry! It’s also very reasonably priced at €8.50. It’s so absorbent it would be great in a night time nappy.

Sweet Pea wet bag
Sweet Pea wet bag

I also got a Sweet Pea wet bag for storing dirty nappies while out and about. It is the most manly wet bag I have seen, so much so my other half said that she wouldn’t buy it for herself! I love it, it goes great in my Dad bag and I never leave home with the little man without it! The Sweet Pea wet bags come in a bunch of different colours and patterns (including one to match the raccoon nappy!) from Nurture and Bliss.

You can find these cloth nappies, wet bag, bamboo boosters and more for sale on the Nurture and Bliss online shop here. You can find Nurture and Bliss on Facebook too here.

– Ciarán

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Pea Cloth Nappies from Nurture and Bliss

  1. I have a couple of Sweet Pea wraps and love them. Am tempted to try an AIO though as we already have some pockets, fitteds and prefolds. All in the interest of research though and not necessarily because I maybe am developing an addiction. Maybe.


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