Smart Bottoms from Fluffy Bums

Heinrich the Dragon!

The smart Bottoms I have from Fluffy Bums are the “Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1”. They are both 100% organic cotton all in one (AIO) Birth to Potty (BtP) nappies. I have one patterned one (Heinrich the Dragon) and one plain one. The plain one is brown and I must say the nicest plain nappy we have. The big tag on the bum and the bright snaps really make it. Nice little touches that all stop it being just another plain nappy. They both have a double layer of poppers to close them, but what I really like is that they only have 2 snaps at each side, not the four that some other companies have. This makes them super easy to get on, even with a wriggler! The leg gussets fit his chubby legs brilliantly as well. They were one of the easiest snap nappies to get on that I have tried.

Bum shot!
Bum shot!

They are not chemically stripped of the cottons natural oils when you get them so they require some prewashing. The company recommended 6-8 washes before use before they become absorptive. We couldn’t wait that long though and took a chance after five! They worked perfectly though and have only improved with more washing. My guy is a heavy wetter so I was a bit sceptical that the cotton would be able to hold enough wee to handle him. They performed well beyond expectations, holding an unbelievable amount of liquid. I really put them to the test too, long car journeys, big naps, and wearing him in a tight wrap. I had him in one for four hours one day shopping with him wrapped up tight to me, he had a nap and everything, and they have never leaked once. We had a couple of major poopsplosions in them as well and never had even the tiniest bit escape.

Brown nappy
Brown nappy

As I said these nappies are 100% organic cotton so they dry relatively fast too. Obviously being AIO’s they take a little bit longer than a pocket nappy say, but they take much less time than a bamboo AIO and will compete very well with bamboo for absorption. I suppose if I had to point out one negative for these nappies, it would be the prewashing, but it didn’t bother me that much. They are organic so there’s no chemical stripping, which is understandable and once they have their prewashes they are perfect. They performed beyond my expectations and I will definitely be investing in a couple more of them!

Bum shot!
Bum shot!

You can find Fluffy Bums here on Facebook, and there is a Facebook group here for them where you will find special offers and great competitions. They will have a stand at this years Wear a Hug Fair in Maynooth on the 27th of September.

– Ciarán

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