Joy & Joe – Shiver Me Paisley (SMP) Sapphire

Front Cross carry

The Sapphire SMP is part of Joy & Joe’s high end “signature” range. The Sapphire SMP is a combination of royal blue and latte (a silvery white). The wraps in this range are a little more pricey than the more standard ranges but are made in limited numbers and sizes and of more luxurious materials. They are presented in a wooden, personalised keepsake box and with a Joy & Joe bag, in my case a gorgeous Midnight Rainbow SMP tote bag. They also come with an instruction manual, certificate of authenticity,  and a rather funky 4Gb USB  memory stick in the shape of a credit card, and a Joy & Joe sling miror. The card has two tutorial videos for a front and a back carry, and a little thank you message from the Joy & Joe family!

Keepsake box
Keepsake box
Dad and son cuddles

The presentation is excellent, I absolutely love the keepsake box,  it is such a great touch that makes these wraps extra special. It has my little boys initials on it and we will have it forever, one day I can see this wrap being put into the box until he has kids of his own! The tote bag is one of my favourite things too, when we go out with the wrap it goes into the tote bag in the car, and then I use it for shopping, really handy, great quality and matches the wrap.

Great for a special occasion!
Great for a special occasion!

The wrap itself is a Large or size 5, the biggest this particular design and colour comes in. It is 100% cotton, however this is made up of 50% Luxurious Italian combed cotton and 50% Mercerized cotton. The mercerization process gives the cotton an amazing shine,which catches the  light in a way that I have never seen in a wrap before; it literally shimmers. It has a 310gsm which sounds a bit heavy but this wrap feels light, is beautifully soft right out of the box and wraps superbly. Honestly I feel in love with this wrap the second I saw it and once I put it on I knew it was a keeper! It really didn’t need any breaking in but the first wash and iron helped to set the weave and stop any of the looser threads from pulling.

Front wrap cross carry

I mainly use this wrap for Front Cross Carries  (FCC), and it is perfect, very comfortable for both of us, really supportive and has just a little bit of stretch to it. As its a 5 it’s a little short for me to do a front wrap cross carry (FWCC) with, but it is great for back carries too.


This is a high end wrap, perfect as a legacy wrap, for special occasions,  or just to treat yourself! I absolutely love it, the colour is stunning, on both sides, the shimmer is unbelievable, it wraps beautifully. This SMP is buttery soft, but grippy and gives a nice tidy little knot. I’m not sure if the SMP design will keep coming but I’m very excited to see what the Joy & Joe Signature range brings in the future! The new SMPs together with the FOLs  (Fountains of Love) are excellent high end limited edition wraps, well worth the money. I’ve had a play with the emerald FOL as well and performed every but as well as the SMP, but personally I prefer the Candy Skull and Paisley design!

You can find the Joy & Joe wraps for sale here

– Ciarán

Keep Spreading


FOL Emerald
FOL Emerald

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