Smart Bottoms Blog (1 – Why Use Cloth Diapers?)

As you may or may not know, I’ve been made a Smart Bottoms Diaper Ambassador, so as part of it I’m starting a blog to share all things Smart Bottoms!

First things first, why use cloth diapers?

Personally, as a wildlife biologist I like them as they are much better for the environment. We used disposable for the first 5 weeks, as we hadn’t a clue how to use cloth and with our first baby we needed time to adjust! During those first 5 weeks our bin was absolutely stuffed full of nappies every collection day. I couldn’t believe how many we went through. If you think about it, all those nappies have to go to landfill, they cannot be recycled, and they an exterordinary length of time to decompose (unless you get biodegradable nappies – which still take a long time!). The cost of disposables is massive too. Over 3 years you would end up spending around €3,000 on nappies (and that’s the cheap brands), plus the cost of bins if you pay by weight.

Disposables are also full of chemicals, ones to absorb wee, to show that baby has wet, to mask smell, etc. They are bleached to make them white, and because of the plastic layers they can be 1-3℃ hotter then the baby. All of these factors can contribute to nappy rash and allergic reactions.

Cloth nappies have no harsh chemicals in them, nothing goes to landfill, and you can resell them once you are done!

Ever seen a picture of, or had to deal with a “poopsplosion”?! We have never had poop escape from a nappy, wee can escape from time to time with some brands, if nappy is put on wrong, or compressed too tight when babywearing. I don’t think that has happend once with Smart Bottoms though.

Now I know you might be thinking, reusable nappies are gross. My baby poops in them, I don’t want to have to wash them! It is super easy, doesn’t involve scrubbing terry cloth in the river! We use fleece liners in our nappies, the poop 9 times out of 10 just falls off this into the toilet with a little shake and the nappy goes into a pail/wet bag etc until ready for wash. We wash every 2 days, everything into the washing machine, no hassle, no mess!

Cloth diapers look AMAZING on a babies bum! Sometimes my little fella is left going around in just a Smart Bottoms nappy and a top to show it off. You can match the nappy with the outfit, and they look fab in pictures.


If there’s anything you want to ask me about, or would like me to blog about don’t be shy. I’m more than happy to get a few idea’s from people and I’m here to help and share my experiences.

– Ciaran the Babywearing Dad, Smart Bottoms Ambassador! (#SBAmbassadad !)

Keep Spreading

Check out the Smart Bottoms website to see their full range of products here.

Fluffy Bums are the main distributor in Ireland and you can find them here.


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