Kol Kol Baby Carriers

So I have been lax in my duties of late and for that I apologise. I should have had this review out a long time ago, but hopefully it’s better late than never!

Great for cuddles when we are not feeling the best

Kol Kol Baby Carriers are a family run company based in India. Bayiravi is the lovely lady behind Kol Kol and her mission is to provide an affordable and comfortable carrier for both parents and baby.

I have been trying out a Kol Kol ring sling and a standard Mei Tai now for a few months, and I must say I think she has accomplished her mission! They are both incredibly comfortable and chock full of sleepy dust.

When they came to me first they were brand new and came almost in a ‘factory finish’ condition. There were a few loose threads on them but after the first wash they were perfect. If you check out the website you will see that being based in India the prices are in Indian Rupees, luckily I have done some conversions for you (because I’m nice like that!). The ring slings are 1600Rs which is about €21, and the Mei Tai is 3000Rs which is just under €40. I still cannot believe that these carriers are so affordable. I mean where will you get a ring sling for €20 and full Mei Tai for €40?! They also do a toddler size Mei Tai (around €50) and full buckles in both standard and toddler size.

Standard Mei Tai


The is a full Mei Tai meaning that there are no buckles at all. It ties around the waist and has shoulder straps that you tie. I got the ‘Moss Motif’ pattern but there are loads of colours available. The straps are super wide (about 32cm) so the babies weight is spread out nice and evenly across your shoulders. They can be spread out across your entire back (there’s a picture of this at the very end) and they just make the baby go weightless. It is the closest thing to a wrap for comfort that I have tried. They can also be spread out across babies back and this gives loads of extra support.It can be cinched to get baby knee to knee very simply with a Velcro adjuster. After using it for a few months it is now very floppy and lovely and soft. It also has a flat hood that can be used for head support or as a hood. It ties to loops on the shoulders, very easy to get on by yourself.

Ring Sling

Great for cuddles when we are not feeling the best

I received the Peacock Square ring sling. I absolutely love the pattern. It’s like a pair of Vans and just screams rock and roll or grunge to me! They do come in loads of different colours and designs though if that’s not your taste. When I started using it first it felt a little rough, but that did give it loads of grip and held my little monster well. It has gotten much softer now especially where the rings are but still has loads of grip.


I found these carriers brilliant, especially considering the price tag. Apart from a few loose threads (that came off in the wash anyway) I really can’t fault them. They are pretty much simple no frills carriers but they get the job done and they do it well. Especially the Mei Tai with those wide straps that can just make the baby weightless.

– Ciarán

Keep Spreading

You can find the Kol Kol Baby Carrier website here, and Facebook page here.

It also looks good on Mom!
Passes spread across the back

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