Joy and Joe Baby Monochrome Dream

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The Monochrome Dream is part of Joy & Joe’s 2016 woven wrap Supernova collection. It is available in two colours, silver and metallic gold. I have the silver version (#TeamSilver).

The wrap is 100% Egyptian Cotton, and comes with a tumble finish making it fluffy and ready to wear. it comes in at 352gsm which sounds heavy but it actually doesn’t feel it. The wrap is the kind of quality you would come to expect from Joy & Joe, it’s absolutely flawless. I can see this design being a big hit with the Dads, its a nice and simple monochromatic, but still stylish. It was exactly what I was looking for when I started my babywearing journey. I must say personally my taste has changed a bit now and I think its a bit plain for me, but I can see it being a big hit for any skeptical Dads. It does look very ‘smart and stylish’, it would be great for any dressy functions, or weddings or the like.

This wrap is super grippy and very supportive even with my 13kg kiddo. It will need a bit of breaking in however, I’ve struggled to get the top rail tight at the start. It has a sateen weave is similar to the 2014 Shiver Me Paisley Noir, and I’ve found there is a bit of stretch to it. It’s nice and wide too, allowing a good seat even for a toddler while going all the way up his back. The wideness also spreads the weight nicely across your shoulders making it a great toddler wrap. I have the XL wrap, which is a size 6, so about 4.6m, but I found it quite generous in length. I’m pretty wide and my little man is getting big but this was ample for us.

Overall this wrap is strong and sturdy, feels great, is generously sized and has a very simple yet elegant design.


Keep Spreading

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