Anmol Baby Carriers – Woven Wrap & Ring Sling Review

Anmol Baby Carriers are based in India, the lovely lady behind them is Rashmee, who has been making baby carriers for 7 years now. Anmol have been making wraps for 2 years and SSC’s for 1 year. I’ve decided to write both the Woven wrap and the Ring Sling review in one blog post as the Ring Slings are made from the Wraps. There will be reviews of the hybrid and SSC coming in the future.

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I’ve been trying out both the Woven Wrap and the Ring Sling for a few months now. They are hand woven in India and dyed using baby safe dyes. There is absolutely no child labour at any point in their production and Rashmee encourages the art of hand weaving in India which is unfortunately dying out. The wraps come in size 3 up to a massive 6m size 9, I have a size 7 here. My base was a 6 when my little man was little, but now I need a 7 to do front carries comfortably with him. They are 250gsm, and the one I have feels quite heavy when folded, but i think that’s just because it is so long at over 5m.

They are made from high quality organic cotton, and I have a really lovely summery rainbow one. The material is thin but very strong, and great quality. I couldn’t really find any flaws in either the ring sling or the wrap. They have the usual nubs and slubs that you’d expect from a hand woven but they are really fantastic quality.

I found the wrap very good to use, it does need breaking in, but is really strong and supportive. It’s really grippy out of the box so much so it can be a bit of a work out to get it tight, but it’s worth the effort! With use though it goes lovely and floppy but still keeps its grip. I’m really a FWCC guy, its my go-to carry most times, and this wrap is perfect for it. It’s wide too (72cm) so you can get an excellent seat and still get it to go right up babies back and it is definitely toddler worthy. Once the wrap is tied it doesn’t move. It’s really supportive.

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The wrap conversion ring slings are done by the ladies at ASDT, a women’s collective, comprising of under-privileged women beneficiaries of Mumbai based non-profit organisation– Aadhar Skill Development Trust (ASDT). The word ‘Aadhar’ means support in Hindi. ASDT has been established with a mission to enable the lesser privileged women of the society to enhance their quality of life by becoming self – reliant and gaining greater economic stability. ASDT trains these women in the fields of tailoring, Montessori education, beauty services and manufacturing food products.

The ring sling I have has a pleated shoulder, and is a beautiful, vibrant rainbow colour. It is quite short, 1.9m to the long taper. For me though I prefer a short tail with a ring sling, and long tails with a wrap so I found it perfect for me. My other half prefers a long tail on her ring slings so it wasn’t her favourite. As with the wrap very grippy out of the box, can be tough to pull it trhough the rings but once its one it does not budge, even with my big toddler. It gets floppy really quickly though, especially where it is worked through the rings, but still doesn’t budge.

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The prices on the website are in Indian Rupees, so with todays conversion the Ring slings vary from about E40 – 50 plus postage. The size 7 wrap I have comes in at about E102, so they are unbelievable value. Postage to Ireland and the UK should come in at around £20/E25

I really love the Anmol Baby Wrap and Wrap Conversion Ring Sling, they are gorgeous colours, excellent quality, and great value. Rashmee is a truly wonderful lady as well and a pleasure to deal with.

You can find Anmol Baby on Facebook here and their website here, there is also a Facebook group for Anmol here.

– Ciarán

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