Where have I been?!

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t been very active in my social media of late, and I stepped down as a Smart Bottoms Ambassador. Those of you that saw me at the Wear a Hug Fair know I’m still alive! There has been an awful lot happening in my life the last 18 months. I was in my fourth year of college, so that took a lot of my time. I was also struggling with depresison and anxiety. I had some good days and some really bad ones. As soon as I finished college I started working and on top of it all we just moved house! After a long slog though I have my honours degree, my depression and anxiety are under control, the work is only temporary but it’s a start (it’s in my field of study too), and the boxes are steadily getting unpacked.

My fourth year I imagine was a tough as it should have been, but on  top of it my depression was quite high and because if it Iwasn’t getting work done on time, which made my anxiety worse. I had several panic attacks, both at college and outside of college. I missed days being too anxious to go in. The college was fantastic though. I talked to my lectureres and the support staff about it. I was recieving treatment from my GP, so all it took was a letter from my doctor and I was able to get counselling through the college. I also got a separate room from the rest of the class for exams. That really helped a lot. I don’t think I could have gotten through without the support of my lecturers and the servies that the college supplied. As well as support from friends and family of course!

I was lucky enough to get some work right out of college, I’m currently working as an ecologist. It’s fantastic and I love it, it’s only a short term contract so I could be stacking shelves soon, but it could be worse. I’m getting invaluable experience and glad of every minute of it that I get.

We are pretty settled in our new place now. Here a couple or three weeks, the downstairs is pretty much unpacked, we won’t talk about upstairs! There is more space here than we know what to do with, and the house is on a dead end road so it’s really quite. We can go for family walks on the road with the dogs now (one of the cats usually comes with us). We have loads of dog kennels here too, so we will be fostering doggies soon hopefully.

I have started posting a little bit on instagram again, and I’ve just figured out I can link it with my facebook page so I’ll be posting more there too now. I haven’t even been using my own personal FB for a couple of months now either. It’s actually been kind of nice having a break! Things should be getting back to normal again now though, I’ll even have some reviews coming!

– Ciarán


4 thoughts on “Where have I been?!

  1. Hi Ciaran. I missed you! I did see you at wah you walked passed my stall Rustic Amber. I think you’re awesome 🙂 it’s not easy stepping out over the safety line and admitting you suffer from depression and anxiety. I really admire you for that. You and your little boy will remain in my mind’s eye as the face of wah fair because it was my first time going and your photo is something special. I wish you all the best with your studies and work. Country life is great!!
    Kind regards Jesia.

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  2. Glad things are looking up and thanks for being brave enough to write this and put it out there. My husband suffers terribly at times and your words about college and anxiety being too much struck a chord that echoed in my memories. We too have been / are there. Take each day as it comes. Hats off to you and your family for getting through it. Let’s hope this new chapter is a bit brighter.

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  3. WOW well done and thank you for sharing. Can’t imagine how hard all of that would be. I struggle with my anxiety and depression and working and studying and exams just push me over the edge.

    well done with the job, and enjoy all that time you have no studies are over 🙂


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