The obligatory ‘About’ section. (Why this blog is here!)

Hi everyone, my name is Ciarán, I am a proud father of one gorgeous little boy! I started wearing him when he was about 6 weeks old, using only a full buckle soft structured carrier (SSC). From the first moment I tried it I absolutely loved it. I quickly found that the SSC while great was not that comfortable around the house, I couldn’t sit down comfortably with it on. We had a wrap from our local sling library at the time that my partner was using, so I asked her to wrap the little man to me. I hadn’t a clue how all that material was going to keep my baby strapped to me! A few minutes later my little boy was wrapped to me and I instantly fell in love with wrapping. A few more times of having him wrapped to me and I attempted it myself. I was a member of one babywearing Facebook group back then and I shared a picture of my first wrap job. The response was overwhelming, and I found out that I was one of very few men in that group. I was really loving babywearing and tried to find other dads that also did it, looked for a few Facebook pages, and went to a local sling meeting. There were very few dads wearing their babies! I thought I’d set up a Facebook page to try and encourage other dads to try babywearing, and 24 hours after setting it up it had 250 likes, within a week over 1,000! I couldn’t (still can’t) believe it. So now I’m trying to find ‘manly’ wraps and carriers that dads would wear and not be put off wearing their babies just because of the colour/pattern of the carrier.

On this blog (can’t believe I have a blog) I’ll post reviews of ‘manly’ carriers and perhaps some stories about my journey as a babywearing, cloth bumming dad!
You can also follow me on Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram @CiaranTheBWDad #TheBWDad


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