Sleepy cuddles
Sleepy cuddles

I have two Hoppediz wraps at the moment, a size 6 Chicago Black and a size 7 Los Angels Grey. The size 6 is 4.6m by 0.6m and the size 7 is a whopping 5.4m by 0.7m! Hoppediz also do a structured carrier, the Bondolino, which I will talk about later on. These wraps are very affordable and great for beginners as they don’t need any breaking in at all.

Close enough to kiss
Close enough to kiss

The Hoppediz wraps I have are 100% cotton and amazingly soft right out of the box. The softness can make it slightly tricky to wrap with first go if you are used to something more coarse as it can slide a bit, but once you know this there is no issue. The 7 is a beast at over 5 meters long and 70cm wide, but wraps surprisingly easily. The extra length means even a pretty big guy can do a simple front carry and tie it around the front to so you can still sit down comfortably! (Which is great if you plan on getting in some Xbox time when the little fella falls asleep like me!) The Los Angels are a range of wraps that just have a simple star design, that is quite manly and come in a variety of colours that aren’t to bright or ‘girly’!

The Chicago wraps have a dandelion clock design throughout and are

Dandelion clock design
Dandelion clock design

also available in a few colours. I opted for the black one and while some people have said that this is wrap is a bit ‘girly’, I totally disagree! I’ve been told my wrap ‘has flowers on it, and flowers are girly’. Half my ties and a couple of my shirts also have flowers on them, are they girly?! The dandelion clocks are subtle and the wrap is a nice dark colour so I think it works well.

I have had the Chicago for a while now and have tried a bunch of different carries with it including a back carry. The 6 is perfect for all the front carries, but it needs to tie around the back, which can get in the way if you plan on sitting down. It’s very supportive though in all the carries I have tried and very comfortable. I have even used it like a stretchy and pre-tied it before using it, and while it wouldn’t do to pop your baby in and out of it all day (it would get too loose after a couple of goes and need to be re-tied) it is perfect for a trip to the shop. Just tie it on before you drive off and you can quickly pop your baby in when you get there.

Different top and bottom rails
Different top and bottom rails
The 'wrong' side
The ‘wrong’ side

Both wraps have a nice little touch along the long edges. The hems are different along the top and the bottom so you can easily tell them apart while you are putting it on. It’s not as noticeable on the Chicago, but is very obvious with the Los Angels. I also love the ‘wrong’ sides of these wraps, they both hold their design and colour really well.

I would like to mention that when we bought the first wrap (from Anja at Kangaroo Babies) we found it was slightly damaged, the shop contacted Hoppediz and they were more than happy to replace it and we received the new one in just a week. The customer service was great!

– Ciarán

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You can find the two wraps I mentioned here, plus loads of other designs/colours here;





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